Why does my BACK HURT?

***For those overweight individuals with lower back pain, Kapandji (researcher) in The Physiology of the Joints says that for every 1 lb extra weight a person is carrying, this equates to 10 lb extra  pressure on the discs in the lower lumbar spine.


That’s all…just 1 lb!


      This can be explained to an overweight person that the 40 lbs. extra weight they are carrying is 400 lbs. extra pressure on the discs in their lower spine, and this is dangerous for their discs and also retards recovery and progress. Remember, your lifeline (spinal cord) runs through your spine. Inducing additional stress to your spine via excessive weight gain can put a harmful strain on your nerve system and since every vital organ in your body is controlled via your nerve system, you will subsequently alter the life flow to those organs.


“Of the 9 systems of the body, the nervous system is SUPREME.  It regulates and controls all other systems and relates the individual to their environment.”

 Gray’s Anatomy, 29th American edition, pp.4



  1. Your EXTRA BODY WEIGHT/FAT will cause increased stress(subluxation) to the spine/nerves which will shut the energy down to that organ and organs below that nerve level.
  2. Subluxation weakens and distorts your overall posture, leading to ACCELERATED AGING of your body.


     Research at the University of Colorado showed just how sensitive the nerves are.  In fact, they demonstrated that if you take the weight of one dime and you put that much pressure on the nerves, it shuts the nerve energy down 60%. When you lose weight you decrease pressure on the nerve system (master control system) which will improve function, enhance healing potential, and decrease pain.



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