What Every Parent Should Know About Raising Healthy Children

Everything you thought you knew about treating common ailments is being turned on its head after doctors reviewed the medical evidence for 61 of the most commonly sought medical treatments. Fourteen prestigious medical colleges have nominated areas of waste and inappropriate treatment as part of the NPS Choosing Wisely campaignin a bid to rein in health costs and improve medical practice.


In a decision that will be confronting for mothers whose children are screaming with pain from an ear infection, they recommend against routine use of antibiotics for ear pain in kids aged 2-12.


*Dr Frank Jones, President of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, says routine use of antibiotics for children with an ear infection has to end.  

Source:News Corp Australia


Parents are also likely to baulk at a recommendation by the Australian College of Nursingnot to give kids paracetamol or ibuprofen to bring down their temperature when they are ill. “The benefits of fever in slowing the growth and replication of bacteria and viruses are well documented,” says the Australian College of Nursing.


*CHILDREN with ear infections will be refused antibiotics and parents are being told they shouldn’t give pain relievers to reduce a fever under a crackdown on unnecessary medical treatment.


The Choosing Wisely campaign also calls for the practice of prescribing antibiotics to infants with a fever to stop because it is not only ‘low value’ but “can be dangerous, in delaying presentation to hospital by inappropriately reassuring patients”. One in 14 kids have side effects from antibiotics and their overuse is fueling the rise of antibiotic resistant infections.


Doctors are also being told to stop prescribing antibiotics for upper respiratory infections and to refuse chest X-rays for uncomplicated bronchitis cases. Chest X-rays are the imaging tests most frequently ordered by Australian GPs even though they do not affect outcomes in adults or children and may lead to false positives, further investigations and unnecessary radiation.


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Reference source: The unnecessary medical treatments doctors want banned, MARCH 16, 2016, Herald Sun