This is Personal…Mindy Yachter Reveals Her Struggles:

It wasn’t a conscious decision to give up. For weeks, I had been pushing through my limitations and fighting with every ounce of strength to keep going, to keep living a normal life.  I ignored the sudden onset symptoms as long as I could, but in this battle between sheer will and physical abilities, my body won. The very presence of my sweet babies was overwhelming for me.  I was afraid to be left alone with them and a simple conversation with anyone was more than I could manage.  To say I had no energy is an understatement.  I was nursing a newborn baby every two hours, day and night, and that was all I had to give.  Nourishing myself was an afterthought because it was simply too hard.  The extreme chronic fatigue and weeks of dizziness left me unable to drive or carry my tiny baby, and ultimately, confined me to my bed.


How did I get here?  How do I get OUT of here?


Maintaining great health has always been effortless for me.  I’ve probably taken it for granted, but I’ve always been grateful for never having any major long-term health issues. I am married to a leader in the health field.  Shouldn’t I be a picture of health and wholeness?  Shouldn’t I, too, be held to a certain standard of health in order to represent my husband and family well? Then I have failed.  That was my thought process.  That prideful thought process is why I stayed quiet for a little too long. That line of thinking only delayed my healing — and your healing.  I am sharing my on-going story with you now because my life has been saved – and forever changed – by what we have learned.


One year ago, three months after the birth of our third child, I began experiencing dizziness.  This was only the beginning of a downpour of random and confusing symptoms.  “Buzzing” throughout my body was so maddening that I wanted to peel the skin from my bones.  I could no longer control my body to accomplish the simplest tasks.  Pain in my eye sockets, depression, loss of appetite, stiffness in my hands, tingling in my limbs whenever I would sit, brain fog, and the inability to think or communicate are just some of the symptoms I can recall from those blurry months.  I was tested for major autoimmune diseases and my results were negative, but the inflammation in my body was off the charts and it appeared that I had a viral infection.  If this sounds dramatic, well, it was.  It’s important for me to express my desperation and helplessness at that point in my life.  I understand that one year may not sound like a long time to you if you have been suffering for much longer, BUT I have good news for you!  I am now able to share what I have learned through this journey to healing and my prayer is that THIS is the missing puzzle piece to your healing as well!


My amazing husband researched tirelessly, day and night, to solve what seemed to be a never-ending mystery.  I am so thankful to say that God gave us the tools and exact answers we needed when we were led to Dr. Patrick Flynn.  He instructed me to take series of tests (blood draw and stool).  We followed through faithfully, and upon review of the results, we discovered that I have Leaky Gut Syndrome.  I had heard of this autoimmune issue, but never imagined it could affect me.  Dr. Patrick confidently gave me a strict protocol to follow to begin gut healing, and within one week of consistent supplementation and food elimination, I felt like a human being again!  I am STILL healing and taking it one day at a time, but I have come so far.  I am now able to function normally and take care of my children alone.


I have learned that to heal your gut is to heal your brain.  I have learned the importance of gut health and how it helps regulate hormones in your body.  I have learned that depression can be a GUT ISSUE.  Amazing!  Life-changing!


This is only the starting point.  You may not have the exact same symptoms that I have shared.  You may not have Leaky Gut.  You may be in excruciating pain.  You may think that you’ve heard all of this before.  You may feel hopeless and angry, but please do this one thing: open your mind and heart once again and allow Dr. Patrick to share his wisdom and insight with you.  This could be the key to unlock the mystery in your life. Let us heal together and begin to live a life of vitality so that our stories can reach others who are hurting in so many ways. What do you have to lose?


Words cannot express my gratitude for Dr. Patrick Flynn and what he’s done for my wife as well as my entire family and this is why I’ve invited Dr. Patrick (aka The Hormone Whisper) to share his knowledge and wisdom with our entire community. Dr. Patrick is a special man, with a special message and powerful life-changing clinical knowledge base & expertise. He will be speaking Monday, January 28th, 6:30pm at the Lake Mary Events Center. You want to attend this event! Your life will never be the same!

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