The One Question You Must Ask!

I believe that we have all been touched by cancer in one way or another; possibly by watching a family member or friend suffer through an agonizing battle or death or having experienced the journey yourself. The current statistics and apparent reality of this dis-ease could easily leave us with a feeling of hopelessness. Many people with whom I speak feel that it’s just fate. Some people are diagnosed with the deadly menace and some aren’t; the prevailing belief held is that it comes down to a genetic roll of the dice.


Well, I can only speak from personal observation and 27,000+ clinical interactions/experiences and this has showed me that very rarely is the disease linked back to genetics. To me (my opinion) it seems that in all cases which I’ve dealt with, there was a cause—a stress which induced an imbalance which lead to the creation of the biological environment which permitted proliferation of renegade cells.


And to date, medical science has proven that this killer disease is 95% environmentally or epigenetically induced. In other words, something in the environment (not genetics) triggers growth and development of the cancer. The environmental triggers can be induced via mechanical (trauma), chemical (dietary toxicity) and/or emotional (thoughts) sources. Since these are all considered lifestyle induced or inflicted stressors, much can be done to mitigate or eliminate their causes.


Each year, when Elevation health hosts the Cancer Prevention workshop, I am filled with a sense of hope. I know that with the right strategies, so much suffering can be avoided. I know with right knowledge comes great odds of defeating this killer.


On the night of Monday, April 22nd, we’ll be sharing the most advanced and cutting-edge information on cancer prevention.  Join us on this night of revelation! You don’t have to live in FEAR of the cancer monster any longer! At this workshop, instead of asking the question, “will I get cancer?”, we will be asking the question “How do I prevent its growth or reoccurrence?”.


**Registration is filling up fast for our Elevation Health Cancer Prevention Blockbuster Workshop Event on Monday, April 22nd. Please confirm registration ASAP for your guests- this will be a life-changing event! (call 407-333-2277).