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The #1 clinical complaint is low energy/fatigue. And because of this issue, Americans are turning to artificial energy stimulants more than ever before. Unfortunately, these can be dangerous and ultimately deadly.


The FDA incident reports link deaths to high energy drinks. 5-hour energy shots, ‘Monster’ and ‘Rockstar’drinks are amongst the most dangerous. The first death associated with 5-hour energy shots happened in December ‘09, and now there are allegedly 13 consumers who have died after having consumed 5-hour energy drinks.


Side-effects of these artificial energy stimulant drinks range from vertigo, anxiety, and nausea at the mild end to seizures, brain hemorrhages, and heart attacksat the acute end. The Monster brand drink is associated with five fatalities and around 35 adverse side effect reactions. The Rockstar brand is not linked with any deaths, but 13 incidents of harmful effects.


They come in a range of sizes as small as 5 ounces and as big as 16. It means the caffeine content is between 3 and five times greater than a normal 12-ounce soda drink. The full-strength 5-hour energy drinks are not labeled with the caffeine content but consumer test reports put it at 215 mgs in every 2-ounce bottle. To put this in perspective, remember that a McDonald’s 16 ounce serving of coffee contains around 145 mgs of caffeine; about equal to the Rockstar and Monster brands. In Starbucks, the grande serving of their best-selling variety, non-espresso, will give you 330 mgs on average, but can get as high as 564. This may seem extreme, but it is still only the equivalent of two smaller servings of 5-hour Energy.


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