Florida: First State to Require Mandatory Chiropractic Spinal Checkups Starting at Birth!

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Well, maybe not just yet! But nonetheless, a vision that would certainly create healthier, stronger and more vital children and adults. Who wouldn’t want to experience the life-long benefits of optimal healing and life potential via a clear nerve system; exactly what chiropractic adjustments provide.

 1.Medical studies show that trauma to the upper cervical spine during delivery causes two major problems:

a. Lowers immune resistance

b.Causes the spine to grow abnormally. Proper  development of the spinal curves is essential for life-long optimal health.


2. Dr. Gutmann studied 1000 infants and discovered that trauma to the upper cervical spine caused many health problems beginning in childhood due to lowered resistance to disease. By realigning the neck “they were able to eliminate these conditions of lowered resistance.”- Gutmann MD


3.“Research indicates that the major cause of spinal subluxation in infants is childbirth stressing the need for correction from birth so that irreversible degeneration does not occur. Nerve system injury through cervical spine trauma at birth causes abnormal function, abnormal behavior, and early death (SIDS).”-Abraham Towbin, M.D., Harvard Medical School

“My fellow medical doctors, look well to the spine for the cause of disease,  for it is requisite in the causation of disease.” 
-Hippocrates, 300 BC (the father of modern medicine)

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