Express, Don’t Suppress!

Some Little known facts:


  1. Coughing rids the body of bacteria and virus by way of the lungs. If you take fever reducing drugsor cough suppressants, this can add to pneumonia or more serious respiratory infections.(John Hopkins School of Medicine, Dr. William B. Greenough, professor of medicine).


  1. According to the American Academyof Pediatrics (AAP), over-the-counter cough and cold medications should not be given to infants and children younger than 2 years “because of the risk of life-threatening side effects.”The AAP also points to the fact that several studies show that cold and cough products “don’t work in children younger than 6 years and can have potentially serious side effects.”


  1. “Antibiotic therapy is not an effective treatment against ear infections and rates of recurrent ear infections are significantly higher(7-10x) in children who’ve been treated with antibiotics.” “90% of the time they are useless-Journal of Family Practice, U.S. Center for Disease Control. *Some sources suggest that antibiotics destroy the immune system thus promoting cancerous cell growth, future psychiatric issues as well as severe hormonal imbalances.


  1. “These medicines can do more harm than good,” Dr. Tamara R. Kuittinen, Director of Medical Education at the Department of Emergency Medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City told “The ingredients in children’s cough and cold medications do not help. They are not effective, especially the decongestant, and part of it is because children’s anatomy is different. The risk margin is high.”



     It is a widely known fact that when you suppress symptoms, you poison the body. The body always knows the right thing to do, if not interfered with. When the body is detoxifying itself of poisons, this is GOOD! Better out than in…expression is superior over suppression.



     God has designed the body with built in survival reflexes like coughing, sneezing, fevers, vomiting, as well as diarrhea. When you work with the body, it can and will heal itself. The power that made the body will heal the body; you just have to trust it! When you try to outsmart the body with symptomatic suppression & masking, prepare to deal with long-term negative consequences.


If we are to get healthy & stay healthy, we must learn how to work with the body and not against it? For eons of time, there have existed powerful NATURAL strategies that have been proven to produce healthy, strong families without destructive and even deadly poisonous and body weakening effects.


     Continue to attend our Elevation Health workshops to grow in your wellness knowledge. We strongly recommend that all Elevation Health patients attend at a minimum one workshop per quarter. This is where you will be armed and equipped with life-saving strategies to keep you on the WELLNESS WAY PATH!