Dear Patients and Friends,

We are deeply committed to your health and that is why we are proud to announce our new online store where you will find all the products we recommend in one place! That allows you to conveniently reorder your supplements prescription without taking the time to drive to our office or having to go to multiple websites.



Please simply go to  When there, click on the STORE tab at top right of page. To register you will need the access code which is the word Elevation. Shipping is free over $100! Save money on your first order and get $5 off by entering code Yachter at checkout, or get 5% off your first and every order by entering code AutoShip5.



The store is brand new, so if you don’t see a product that you normally order, or prefer someone to walk you through the process, please call our online store hosting company Kaerwell at 888-301-9009. You can also email or text 856-325-0507. They will be happy to assist you.


In health,


Dr. Dan Yachter