Check Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself

Advice to help you stand strong when sugary temptations call. Tis’ the season! The following top 7 tactics will help get you through the holidays without disaster.


  1. Bring your own.Potluck dinners make the perfect opportunity to “sneak” in a healthy veggie dish or that new chicken recipe you’ve been dying to prepare. Better yet, become the host, which gives you hands-on abilities to make succulent yet healthy dishes that even your most carbohydrate-crazy friends will enjoy.



  1. Eat before you go.Think about your last dinner party. It probably started an hour late, which meant you felt famishedby the time the salad arrived. Take control and go to your next social function pleasantly full. You can still enjoy the food but you’ll bypass the temptation to devour stale fruitcake cookies as you wait for dinner.



  1. Wear fitted clothing.Elastic waistbands have no business at holiday social functions. If nothing else, they give you permission to indulge in second helpings of cranberry-walnut stuffing. Instead, wear your most fitted little black dress or the slimmest (and slimming) top and skinny jeans you can find. You’ll think twice before devouring that gooey cinnamon-raisin bread.



  1. Have a serious bathroom talk.You’ve reached an excruciating dilemma: go for that second apple cinnamon pasty or respect yourself in the morning. Proceed to the bathroom or nearest private space immediately. You’re going to need to have that talk with yourself in the mirror: are you going to let a wimpy pastry be your undoing? Hopefully in your purse or your wallet you have your mission statement and that picture of who you wantto look like (Just position your head on a picture of your ideal body). Time for some tough love: pull those out and talk your way through this temptation.



  1. Bring your best friend to call you out. Speaking of tough love: nothing like a tell-it-like-it-is friend to give you the “oh no you don’t!”look when you’re about ready to nose dive into the turtle cheesecake or smell the wonderful waft of cinnamon buns in the mall. Face it, even the best of us lapse in judgment sometimes, and brutal honesty from a friend or family member can be your best defense against succumbing to a pear-cranberry streusel.



  1. Keep my 3-bite rule. A world-renowned pastry chef has catered your office party with his dark chocolate petits fours. Have 3 politebites – (we’re talking how you would eat it on live TV, not in your living room) – of dessert and step away. You’ll appease your sweet tooth without coming off as a wet blanket. Just be warned: not every baked good your co-worker brings in and other holiday indulgences constitute the 3-bite rule. Choose judiciously.



  1. Go for the healthy stuff first.Holidays are synonymous with buffets and endless potluck dinners. Just because you have an all-you-can-eat invitation doesn’t mean you need to do so. One trip through the line and call it quits. Fill up on lean protein and leafy greens and you’ll be less likely to crave the candied walnut sweet potato casserole.


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