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Experts say, This Could Rob Your BABY of a Normal Life!

UCF researchers find link between processed foods and autism July 8th, 2019, Orlando Sentinel   A preservative in processed foods can hold one of the clues to the rising rates of autism in the United States, according to a laboratory-based study by UCF researchers.Scientists exposed human neural stem cells to high levels of the food […]


If we’re going to focus on developing a strong, healthy future nation, then we must start with our children. How do we go about raising and developing children who can function and perform at their best? One of the ways to accomplish this is to help them develop a titanium-like immune system. In order to […]


The Sickest Generation! The following are the current frightening statistics: 1 in 4 children are obese. (Int’l Journal of Obesity) Nearly 50% of obese adolescents remain obese as adults. (Int’l Journal of Obesity) About 6% of elementary school children and 7% of adolescent children miss 11 or more days of school yearly due to illness […]

You’re Fired!

 If your pediatrician can’t or won’t answer the following questions regarding vaccinations, then you may want to consider firing them!   Are vaccinated children healthier than non-vaccinated children? Do vaccines have any long-term side effects or damage that may not surface for months or years? Does research show vaccines are safe? Can vaccines cause cancer […]


Life Elevated- Elevation Health Doctors are restoring life and health!

After a slip in the shower left me in excruciating pain for a year and a half, I know I had to do something if I was going to be able to run and play with my daughter.   Prior to chiropractic care, I was forced to walk around holding my hip to be able […]

YOU, Going off the CLIFF?

Are You Paying Attention?   Abdominal obesity(waist circumference) Men — waist greater than 40 inches Women — waist greater than 35 inches Triglycerides— greater than 150 mg/dl HDL Cholesterol(men) — less than 40 mg/dl HDL(women) — less than 50 mg/dl Blood pressure— greater than 130/85 mm Hg Fasting glucose— greater than 110 mg/dl   Whenever […]

11 Terrifying Reasons why YOU Never Want to Get this Disease!

Much of what happens to us is not within our control but when it comes to our health, we can do much to affect the outcome of our quality of life. And it’s only when we begin possessing right and timely knowledge can we take control of our health.   The focus of this month […]

*Advice to Diabetics Who Don’t Want to Die FAST!

*Insulin doubles death rate in type2 diabetics!   A new study clearly documents that a standard treatment for type 2 diabetes is a killer, resulting in more than double the rates. The treatment justification has always been based on irrelevant criteria-just as it is with most pharmaceutical treatments.     According to Heidi Stevenson (a drug side-effect victim): “It seems […]