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Are You a Ticking Time Bomb?

Despite over 100 antihypertensive drugs that have been approved as being safe and effective, the sad fact is that we have not been very successful in controlling hypertension.A survey published in the British Medical Journal in June found that 97 percent of patients taking antihypertensive medications had suffered from significant side effects at some time […]

Do You Know The Real Cause of Heart Attacks?

Facts you should be aware of:   Coronary angiograms fail to show the collateral circulation; furthermore, the procedure creates spasms in the coronary arteries through the injection of heavy dye under high pressure. Thus, coronary angiograms are notoriously inaccurate at assessing the amount of stenosis or narrowing in the vessels as well as the true […]

Healing Your Broken Brain!

Recent Alzheimer’s research suggests preclinical signs of Alzheimer’s disease may be evident as early as 20 years before the disease actually sets in, allowing for much earlier intervention. By the time your memory begins to noticeably deteriorate, about 40-50 percent of your brain cells have already been damaged or destroyed.     Early detection is […]

The Best Way to Love Your Kids!

  If we’re going to focus on developing a strong, healthy future nation, then we must start with our children. How do we go about raising and developing children who can function and perform at their best? One of the ways to accomplish this is to help them develop a titanium-like immune system. In order […]

Florida: First State to Require Mandatory Chiropractic Spinal Checkups Starting at Birth!

Register here for the “How to Raise A Healthy, Drug-Free Family! Well, maybe not just yet! But nonetheless, a vision that would certainly create healthier, stronger and more vital children and adults. Who wouldn’t want to experience the life-long benefits of optimal healing and life potential via a clear nerve system; exactly what chiropractic adjustments […]


The following are the current, frightening U.S.  statistics: 1 in 4 kids taking a drug for a chronic condition 49 million kids taking Asthma medications 24 million kids taking ADHD meds. 9 million kids taking antidepressant meds. 6 million kids taking antipsychotic meds. 5 million kids taking high blood pressure meds. 307,000 kids taking sleeping […]

Why Every Child On the Planet Must Have Their Spine Checked!

1.Forceps delivery may involve an increased risk of injury to the upper cervical spine and spinal cord. The application and/or misapplication of these and other similar extraction aids can cause upper neck complications/subluxations. 2. Recent statistics have shown that over 6,000 students will go to an emergency room and 21,000 will be seen by healthcare […]

What Every Parent Should Know About Raising Healthy Children

Everything you thought you knew about treating common ailments is being turned on its head after doctors reviewed the medical evidence for 61 of the most commonly sought medical treatments. Fourteen prestigious medical colleges have nominated areas of waste and inappropriate treatment as part of the NPS Choosing Wisely campaignin a bid to rein in […]

Hormones…Want Answers? Don’t Guess, TEST!

Hormones are the building blocks of life, for both men and women. Reaching far beyond standard gender differences, hormones can significantly impact all aspects of body function, and unbalanced hormones can result in: Weight Gain Anxiety Fatigue Low sex drive and performance issues Sleep disturbances Mood Instability Brain Fog Hot Flashes   The D.U.T.C.H comprehensive […]