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Healing Your Broken Brain!!!

Diabetes Reversal and Blood Sugar Control Workshop NOV. 12th, 2018 @ Lake Mary Events Center 6:30pm

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Cancer Prevention!

Today we’re talking about cancer. We have an upcoming workshop about Cancer Prevention. Going way back a few years in history to 1971, President Richard Nixon declared war on cancer, and after billions of dollars spent on technology and other ways of defeating cancer, winning the war on this dreaded disease has not made much […]

The Kids’ Corner: Welcoming A New Sibling Into The Family

In each of our births, our kids observed, casually commented and interacted to the level that they each chose. They were free to come in and out of our room throughout the whole process and they all elected to be present for the actual moment of birth. Regardless of their age, they did not react […]

“I feel like the sky’s the limit!” – Diana

My husband suffered from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and glaucoma. Pain in his knees and ankles made evening walks impossible. And although my “numbers” were perfect, I didn’t feel the energy and wellness of my youth. The doctor had nothing to offer my husband but Diovan and Lipitor, and brushed off his joint pain […]

10 Medications, Allergies, Hip Pain, Lack of Energy, and Depression Gone! – Sandee

I was going through an enormous amount of pain, bouncing from doctor to doctor; no matter what medications I was given it just seemed to get worse. A couple years ago I had severed a nerve in my wrist, and ended being on 10 medications. Most of them were for pain and inflammation, some were injectable, and […]

A Very Happy Elevation Health Patient – Rebecca T

My problems occurred after a car accident 20 years ago. Ever since, I have had lower back pain that runs down my right leg, in addition to neck, shoulder and right arm pain, which at times became very painful.   I had been to a chiropractor in the past and really all that was given […]

Lake Mary FL Neck Pain Relief – Karen

Karen have been going to Dr Dan Yachter for about 6 years. She was suffering from poor posture, subluxsation, and on multiple prescription medication . Karen is now free from all medication and she loves traveling with her new life of health. She no longer deals with pain in her neck or lower back and […]

Lake Mary FL Mercuru Poison Recovery – Cynthia

Cynthia had been experiencing mercury poisoning for about 6 years. Her throat was beginning to close and hinder her ability to taste. After joining Elevation Health and removing the mercury fillings from her mouth, she is experiencing incredible results. She can taste food again and she lost 70 pounds of weight within 7 months.